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“Tech That Touches Aspirations” is not merely a tagline but the declaration of Masterline’s journey. With over 28 million satisfied customers worldwide, we have established ourselves as a trailblazer in leading-edge technology solutions. We have been committed to creativity for over three decades, initiating with setting up India’s first telecom recharge scratch card manufacturing unit.

At Masterline, we are not just about living up to the expectations but also about exceeding our ambition with perfection, which has allowed us to go from offering tailor-made printing services in 1994 to executing renewable energy projects and RFID turnkey solutions in 2023. We have not only embraced change but flourished in it, setting profitable milestones in the telecom and financial technology sectors. Our achievement is not just about technology, but the relationships we built along the way up.

We have built trust with our consumers through continuous excellence and steadfast commitment. With our partner manufacturing units in India, Dubai, and China, we can deliver world-class solutions globally.



At Masterline, our mission is to deliver high-quality telecom and banking devices that safeguard your business. We achieve this by offering tailor-made, high-security printing and card-based solutions that speak for themselves. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to deliver solutions that are not only high-quality but also innovative and forward thinking.

At Masterline, we envision building associations with our clients that define business excellence and creation. We strive to achieve this by offering avant-garde solutions that break new avenues in the industry. Our motivation for business predominance drives us to consistently modernize and enhance our products and services, assuring that we always deliver the highest quality to our clients


Masterline is the match made in heaven for all your telecom and technology needs. With our proficiency, we aim to meet international standards in craftsmanship, providing extensive solutions to our customers worldwide. Our commitment to perfection is evident in our divergent range of services, including card manufacturing, security print solutions, and telecom solutions. Masterline is the ideal choice for all your technology needs. With our dedication to perfection, global presence, and dedication to customer gratification, we are committed to delivering the perfect products and services.


At Masterline, our ethos is driven by a collaborative spirit and an unyielding commitment to innovation. Our team, comprised of imaginative minds from diverse backgrounds such as visionaries, artists, scientists, and technologists, thrives on pushing boundaries and delivering unconventional solutions. We foster an environment where creativity flourishes, and where each member is dedicated to elevating our clients’ businesses to unprecedented levels of success. Reliability, creativity, innovation, divergent thinking, and unwavering customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our identity. We let our work speak volumes about who we are and what we stand for.



Founder | Managing Director of Masterline Group Ventures



From The Founder’s Chamber

Ideas are the fuel that drive an organization. It is with this conviction and fervor that our journey began, from its modest inception to its significant milestone. Throughout our evolution, we have been guided by unwavering dedication, boundless passion, and a steadfast commitment to our cause. Since the inception of our startup, I have been driven by the mission to accelerate the introduction of new technologies to market, empowering telecom operators to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives while fostering strong relationships with both international and domestic clients. This dedication has led to a tangible impact, reducing time-to-market and positioning Masterline as a frontrunner in the industry.

Our commitment to excellence is ingrained in the fabric of our organization. It has cultivated a culture of innovation and quality, propelling Masterline to the forefront of the industry in areas such as low-cost mobile handsets, innovative packaging solutions, and cutting-edge M2M products. As the Founder and Managing Director of Masterline Group Ventures, I bring to the table an innate understanding of business values and the evolving needs of our clients. Overseeing the production of innovative products and services, I am dedicated to fostering strong relationships that bridge the gap between our global client base and our partners. With gratitude for the past and excitement for the future, let us continue to push boundaries and create lasting impact.