Global Ventures

Margento Mobile Payments is a comprehensive, scalable, flexible, secure and proven solution that enables everybody to use their phones to pay for products and services at various manned or unmanned points of sale, driving the customer experience with a convenient, reliable and secure payment option. Customers no longer need to carry cash or multiple plastic cards – but just their mobile phones to access any of their accounts. It provides interfaces to a variety of payment mechanisms and a vast range of dedicated POS terminals, enabling patented Data Over Voice based interaction among a consumer, their preferred payment mechanism, a merchant and payment processors.
MINDSTEC, an organization formed under the laws of UAE, is specialised in the creation and deployment of digital engagement solution and content to provide the retail industry a perfect solution for engaging the customers and connecting them well with their products and services, hence, creating an experience and an exciting relationship – at every touchpoint.
With growing demand for strong two-factor authentication, and more secure hardware devices are too complicated to use in general and expensive to scale for the majority of users and services, Yubico, in 2007, came up with a prototype of YubiKey with a mission to make the internet secure.